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Kailash Tour with Saga Dawa Festival

10 Days

Main Highlights:

The Saga Dawa Festival, a significant Tibetan Buddhist celebration, occurs annually on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month in the Tibetan calendar. This festival commemorates Sakyamuni's enlightenment, drawing people from all corners of Tibet who converge to partake in the festivities. Participants bring prayer flags from their homes, engaging in rituals such as attaching flags to the massive flagpole on the Kailash Kora, guided by a Tibetan Lama. Before the flagpole's ascent, a mesmerizing procession unfolds as people circumambulate, offering prayers and releasing wind horses—small, scripture-covered paper pieces—into the air. The collective act of removing old prayer flags and replacing them with new ones is a communal experience, drawing visitors into the joyous atmosphere.

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Hotels and Local lodge

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3842m above the sea level.

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12 Days




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Private Car

Kathmandu – Tibet

Brief trip Profile:

  • Commemorate Sakyamuni's enlightenment at the Saga Dawa Festival, an annual Tibetan Buddhist celebration.
  • Participate in vibrant rituals, such as attaching prayer flags to the massive flagpole on the Kailash Kora, guided by a Tibetan Lama.
  • Engage in a mesmerizing procession, circumambulating and releasing wind horses into the air before the flagpole's ascent.
  • Experience communal unity as participants collectively replace old prayer flags with new ones, fostering a joyous atmosphere.
  • Embark on a comprehensive travel package by Seven Peaks Tours and Travels, exploring Lhasa and historical Tibetan cities.
  • Enjoy a picturesque Himalayan flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa, featuring a day of sightseeing at iconic sites like the Potala Palace.
  • Encounter authenticity with overnight stays in traditional Tibetan mud houses and meals from local restaurants during the journey to Mount Kailash and Manasarovar.
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    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an unforgettable vacation, thanks to the exceptional services provided by seven peaks. From the moment I started planning my trip to the very last day of my journey


    During the trip itself, every aspect was carefully curated to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


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    Cost Includes:

    • Twin sharing accommodation as per the itinerary on bed & breakfast (BB) basis
    • English speaking Tibetan Guide
    • Transportation as per the itinerary by Van/ bus
    • Monastery entrance fee, All necessary Document For kailsh part
    • Tibet Travel permit
    • Kerung border to Kathmandu city pick up by jeep

    Cost Excludes:

    • Lunch & Dinner
    • Insurance of any kind
    • Natural or political disturbance which beyond our control
    • Personal expenses such as drinks, tips, porter charge Yak and yak man during the kora.

    Trip Detail:

    The month-long Saga Dawa festival, centered around the Tarboche valley in the Kailash region, culminates on the 23rd of May in 2024. Seven Peaks Tours and Travels offers a comprehensive travel package for Saga Dawa Festival 2024, encompassing exploration of Lhasa and other historical Tibetan cities. The journey commences with a picturesque Himalayan flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa, featuring a day of sightseeing in Lhasa, including iconic sites like the Potala Palace. The adventure continues westward through historical Tibetan cities and high mountain passes, providing breathtaking views of the Tibetan and Nepal Himalayas.


    The tour’s focal points, Mount Kailash and Manasarovar, are accessed through the Kerung border of Nepal. Overnight stays in traditional Tibetan mud houses and meals from local restaurants offer an authentic experience. The highlight is the Mount Kailash Parikrama, a three-day trek across the challenging 5613-meter Dolma La pass. Participants can opt for personal helpers and ponies during this segment. The journey concludes with the exploration of the Saga Dawa Festival before returning to Kathmandu via the Kerung Border. The entire experience promises a unique blend of cultural immersion, spiritual significance, and breathtaking natural beauty.


    Tour Note: –

    This trip is structured as a group departure. However, should you desire a personalized tour, we can tailor it to your preferences and interests.

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    After an early breakfast, we begin our journey towards Kerung, which is located on the Nepal-Tibet border. The drive will take us through the stunning landscapes of Langtang National Park and picturesque villages, and we will cross the border of Rashuwagadhi to reach our guest house in Kerung after the immigration proce , again we drive to kerung town in Tibet We will drive 155 km and will last for 6 to 7 hours
    • Altitude:2700m
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • MealsBreakfast,
    • Time duration: 7-8 hours

    Tour. As we will be traveling to higher altitudes and has plain land for distance, lowering cannot be an option. so, you have to acclimatize at Kerung for a day and proceed ahead. During the day, you can simply stroll around, explore culture and traditions, and try some cuisine.
    • Altitude2700m
    • Accommodation: Hotel
    • Meals Breakfast,
    • Acclimatization is a Key to the successful Saga Dawa Festival and Kailash

    We will drive to Saga today, which is located at an altitude of 4400m. The drive will take us through scenic landscapes and along the banks of the Brahmaputra River. We will drive in pleasure on a black-topped road and climb across Thong La and La Lung hills to reach Saga. We will travel 230 Km approx. for 6 hours and accommodate at the Guest House.
    • Altitude4640m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,
    • Time Duration: 5-6 hours

    Today we will drive to Lake Mansarovar, which is considered to be one of the most sacred lakes. The lake is located at an altitude of 4590m as the world’s highest-altitude freshwater lake is surrounded by stunning snow-capped peaks. We will explore these pristine waters of the glistering lake and also see a Raksal Tal believed to be cursed. We will spend the night at a guest house near the lake. Today's drive will be 370 km and last for 7 hours.
    • Altitude4590m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,
    • Time Duration: 6-7 hours

    You will have some free time in the morning to explore Mansarovar lake and if you believe to perform rituals you can do so in the morning. After this, we will drive to Darchen, the starting point of Mount Kailash kora. You will also be blessed with a view of Mount Kailash during the journey as Darchen is located directly in front of Mount Kailash.
    • Altitude4670m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,
    • Time duration: 3 hours

    Today we will join the Saga Dawa Festival, which celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion, and we will attend the festivities at Tarboche, which is located near Mount Kailash. you can attend the festival with Tibetan residents and other visitors and join in rituals, singing and dancing, chanting, and receiving blessings and prosperity.
    • Altitude3000m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,

    Today we will begin Mount Kailash kora, the sacred mountain. We will drive to the valley of God and start the trek towards Dirapuk, which is located at an altitude of 4800m. The trek will take us through stunning landscapes along the banks of the Lha Chu River. Today we will see the north face of Mount Kailash. Total travel time today will be 18 km which will be a 7-hour journey.
    • Altitude5210m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,
    • Time Duration: 6-7 hours on foot

    Today is the second day of Mount Kailash kora and the longest and hardest during circulation. We will first pass through the Jarok Donkhang, a small Tibetan settlement, and trek to Shiva Tsal and reach Zuthulpuk via the Drolma La Pass which circles Gauri Kunda from the outside and is also regarded as Outer Kora. Drolma La Pass is also the highest pass in Kailash. Today we can see the eastern face of Mount Kailash. Today we will cover a 22km distance and trek for 9 hours.
    • Altitude5634m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,
    • Time Duration: 8-9 hours on foot

    Today is the final day of the 3-day Kailash Kora. The morning will be spent discovering the caves and temples that surround the Milarepa grotto. After breakfast, we'll climb for three to four hours to complete our Kora and head back to the town of Darchen. There, we'll have lunch before heading back to Saga village. (16km walk with 4 hrs and Drive to Darchen then to Saga)
    • Altitude4640m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,

    After the completion of the Saga Dawa festival and Kailash Kora, we will start our return journey toward Kerung Border. We will return to the same route back with a comfortable drive on a black paved route. You will have some leisure time in Kerung to stroll around and have a relaxing time in Tibet before heading back to Kathmandu.
    • Altitude2700m
    • AccommodationGuest House
    • MealsBreakfast,

    We will drive to Kathmandu through the Tibet-Nepal border and reach to your hotel in Kathmandu.
    • Altitude1310m
    • AccommodationHotel
    • MealsBreakfast,

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    Kailash Tour with Saga Dawa Festival


    When does the Saga Dawa Festival reach its peak in 2024?

    The Saga Dawa Festival peaks on May 23, 2024.

    How is the tour package structured, and where does it start?

    The package begins with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Kerung border.

    What are the main highlights of the festival?

    The festival includes rituals at the Kailash Kora, a mesmerizing procession, and the unique experience of replacing old prayer flags.

    What is the focal point of the tour, and how is it accessed?

    Mount Kailash and Manasarovar are the focal points, accessed through the Kerung border of Nepal.

    Is the Mount Kailash Parikrama a challenging trek, and are there support options?

    Yes, it is a challenging three-day trek with the option for participants to choose personal helpers and ponies for assistance.